Aid Through Trade

My background is in fashion production and I’ve seen how critical supply chain management is to the success of companies, large and small. There are hundreds of well-intentioned sustainable fashion companies – not many though, have cracked the code of establishing an economically sustainable model. One company that’s done it right, and is still growing after 25 years is Aid Through Trade.

So who is Aid Through Trade?

Aid Through Trade works with Nepalese female artisans to make jewellery that is sold globally. It was founded by an entrepreneur named Damian Jones, who was inspired to create the company while volunteering in Nepal with the Peace Corp.  He noticed that the local women in Katmandu Valley were very skilled in working with glass beads and also realized how much a woman’s life improved when she had her own income. He recognized the opportunity to help out and worked with them to create the original Roll-On® bracelet. Today, it employs over 200 women.

Why is its supply chain special?

It’s notoriously difficult to scale businesses that rely on production from artisans. Artisans work in small batch-sizes in nonstandard production environments in disparate villages, often with very limited connectivity. 

Aid Through Trade has apparently cracked the code. Although its artisans work across the mountainous country, it maintains a centralized operation in Kathmandu where it manages production, quality, and logistics. This has enabled it to standardize the production of branded ‘Roll-On® bracelets,’ which have proven market demand (and are very cool as I talk about next). Aid Through Trade has made its own market for a special product and has developed a scalable socially-conscious way to serve it. Every artisan receives a fair wage and works in a healthy work environment.

What is the Roll-On® Bracelet?

Roll-On® bracelets are easy to wear as they don’t have a clasp and you just roll them onto your wrist.  They’re made from glass beads that remind me of sea glass. Each bracelet comes with a team picture and the name of the artisan who made each piece.  You can “meet” some of the artisans here.

What I’m Wearing 

I’m wearing the Dreamer Earring in Carousel and the Carousel Roll-On® bracelets.  I like that Aid Through Trade’s jewellery is light to wear and can be dressed up or down.  The Roll-On® bracelets are made in one size and stretch as you put them on so they fit everyone.

Discount Code and Thanks

If you’d like to check out all of Aid Through Trade’s different colours and designs, you can find them here.  The code JESSICA30 will take 30% off any online order.

I’d like to say thank you to Aid Through Trade for sponsoring this post and as always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. My Ma and I just read this together! This is wonderful. Thank you sharing. Jemima x