Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a Pterosaur!

Last weekend, I visited the pterosaurs exhibition at the LA Natural History Museum.  I fell in love with the extinct family of bird-like flying reptiles who ruled the skies millions of years ago.  These mysterious creatures were not dinosaurs.  While some dinosaurs transcended their mass extinction in the form of birds, pterosaurs were completely wiped out.

Some pterosaurs were rather goofy looking, such as the jeholopterus.  Others would have been amazing to see flying in the air.  My favourite was the quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest known flying animals. Pteroaurs sported furry coats, flew with their hands and walked on their wings.  There were some that could fit in the palm of your hand while others had a wing span wider than an F-16 fighter jet.

At first, my husband and I felt out of place as it was mainly families visiting.  We joked about pretending we had kids and calling their made-up names so we’d have a valid reason to be there.  Thankfully that wasn’t necessary.

The curators did a great job and we were soon too distracted to feel self-conscious. You start off by walking underneath a full-scale model of a huge pterosaur.  Then there are a bunch of short videos, fossils and rare casts to check out.  At the center of the exhibition, there are a couple of interactive games.  One allows you to manipulate the wings of a pterosaur on a giant screen by moving your hand above some sensors. In another, you become a pterosaur.  Similar to a Wii video game, you stand on a platform and then you can flap, soar and even swoop down to catch an insect or a fish. I was tempted to wait in line with the seven-year olds, but I was too embarrassed. Once you’ve finished the exhibition, there is an impressive collection of pterosaurs in the dinosaur hall.

A gallery display illustrating the incredible variety of pterosaur crests. Taken from The LA Beat.
A gallery display illustrating the incredible variety of pterosaur crests. Taken from The LA Beat.

There is one downside to the exhibition – it’s a bit pricey.  Having come from a country where all museums are free, I was surprised by the $22 ticket price.  Despite the cost, I definitely recommend visiting.  The exhibition is beautifully and cleverly curated and there are some really thoughtful touches. For example, the city of LA is used as a backdrop for the pterosaur posters and, if you go to buy tickets online, the button says “BUY PTICKETS.”

I don’t want to give anymore away as I hope you will visit yourself.  The exhibition has been in LA since July and the last day is the 2nd of October.

Price:  $22 adults (includes museum admission), $19 seniors and students, $10 kids 3-12Address: Natural History Museum, Exposition Park, 900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, 90007

Address: Natural History Museum, Exposition Park, 900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, 90007

Opening times:  9:30am-5pm daily

Event website:  Click here

Dress by Dezzal “HUASILINLON” – Dinosaur Print Bowknot Dress.  I don’t think I’ve ever received so many compliments on a dress before.  Eight people, including an adorable little girl at the museum, made a point of saying they loved my dress that day.  Like a crested nyctosaurus, my head didn’t fit through the front door when I got home.

NHM promotional poster.
One of my favourite NHM promotional posters with the airport in the background.


Jessica xoxo

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  1. This has been my favourite post of yours so far; it looks so interesting and stylish! As always lovely photographs and I can definitely see why so many people complimented your dress- it’s so gorgeous and unique and of course very appropriate.

    1. Thank you so much! Reading your comment really made me smile. I know there isn’t long left of the exhibition but I also recommend the whole museum to be honest! Now to think of another themed outfit post ;p xx

  2. There is something particularly wonderful about wearing a dinodress to a dinosaur exhibit. It’s so Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. Envious of your photographer on this one. Definitely.

    1. I like your thought process! I’ve not thought about that Magic School Bus in a long time! Thank you, it was definitely fun. I’ll have to think of something else cheeky like this for you to consider shooting in the future!

  3. I LOVE the Natural History Museum! I am not going to have a chance to see this exhibit so I’m really happy you shared your experience! It looks so well put together and educational. I’m glad you didn’t have to resort to calling for your fake kids : ). That dress is so cute!

    1. You have good taste! I definitely want to go back as we didn’t see everything. Yes, the exhibition was excellent! It’s a travelling one so perhaps you will come across it another time. I’m glad we didn’t resort to calling out names for our fake kids too ;p Thank about the dress, it’s so loose and comfy too! xx

  4. The perfect dress for this occasion! Wow, I loved reading about pterosaurs via YOU. Such an informative post, as always! You’re so fun. Let’s go to a museum together when I visit and wear outfits that match the destination. Lol like go all out with it though. Maybe we could dress like safari hunters. Xoxo!

    1. Thank you love, I hoped you would see this post as I had a feeling you would be Pterosaur fan too! I was thinking after I had posted this when else would it be possible to do a themed outfit. Let’s definitely do that when you’re in LA! Maybe a bird dress at in aviary… I recently got a balloon dress and there’s a balloon store down the street! xxx

  5. I love your post! Thanks for sharing a cool spot I need to put on my list to visit! BTW I love the fact that your dress is matching with the museum theme! Super cool! Have a great weekend babe.

    1. Thanks so much Linh! There are a bunch of different things to see the NHM so even though the exhibition is over now there’s loads of other things to check out. Ah, thank you! I’m getting into the whole themed dressing. Why not huh? I hope you have a great weekend too. xx

  6. What a perfect ‘theme dress’ for the location you chose to tell this fashion story Jessica. I always love to see/read fashion/style bloggers who combine fashion and culture! It’s so much more interesting!!

    Vivienne X

    1. It was really good! I noticed that it’s a travelling exhibition so perhaps you two will cross paths one day. Thank you so much, I need another dinosaor occasion so that I wear it again now! 🙂 xxx

  7. Thank you for taking us with you to the museum. That exhibit looks awesome. I would hope my museum in Chicago would have something similar. I can see why you received so many compliments on that dress. Its beautiful and fun. Love all the dinosaurs on the dress. You look awesome in it too.

    1. Hi Tim! Thank you so much for stopping by, more than welcome for the tour of the exhibition! As this is a travelling one I would have thought it would appear in Chicago sometime. I did a quick google but couldn’t see where the exhibition is right now. Hopefully you guys get it soon though. Aw thank you, it’s such a fun dress and the NHM was the perfect place to wear it! 🙂

  8. Thank you for taking us with you to the museum. It looks like an awesome exhibit. I hope my local museum in Chicago has something like this. I can see why you had so many compliments,that dress is beautiful and fun. You look amazing wearing it.