Reusable shopping bags

We’re all aware of the merits of the reusable shopping bag.  Using them helps preserve natural resources, prevents air pollution and protects our oceans and the sea creatures that inhabit them. I considered shocking you with images of animals entangled in plastic bags or a video where a sea turtle needs a plastic straw tweezered from his nose. However, I’m no eco-warrior and I don’t claim to be an authority in living a greener life. However, like you, restrictions on plastic bags have pushed me towards reusable bags and this post is about using ethical (and stylish) tote bags.

From July 2010, Angelinos were required to bring their own bags to stores or pay 25 cents for a disposable carrier bag.  The UK was considerably slower to enforce a carrier bag law and didn’t start charging for plastic bags until October 2015. Because of this, I’m still getting used to the BYOB party (not bring your own booze I’m afraid.)

With this in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a company I’ve recently become a fan of called Simple Jumo that let me try their products.  Just because a reusable bag is functional, shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  Heck no!  Each bag is designed in LA and made in India from eco-friendly, natural jute and cotton.  Jute is known as the “golden fiber” and it’s one the most used natural fibers to make common items like rope, curtains, sacks and hessian cloth.

Having now joined the BYOB party, I’ve been using a few Simple Jumo styles. My favorite is the messenger bag as shoulder bags are way more comfortable than handhelds. Simple Jumo’s bags are commodious enough to carry a bunch of shopping (or groceries as you call them here) but also respectable enough to take with you to a meeting.  They come in designs ranging from tribal patterns to animal prints.  The front pocket on the messenger bag is handy for organising and preventing my phone from getting key scratches.  One thing that would take Simple Jumo’s bags up a notch (ethically) would be if they used a leather substitute for the front label.

If you’re curious to learn more, you can check out Simple Jumo’s collection here.   Prices range from $7.50 for make-up bags to $29.99 for oversize totes.

Two Pocket Messenger Bags in Navy and Candy Red Canvase with White Polka Dot Print


IMG_7768 (1)

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  1. Such a cute bag! I love reusable things, especially bags because here in LA groceries will charge customers for plastic bags to hold their stuff in! So my boyfriend and I have gotten into the habit of bringing our own reusable bags lol 🙂 Great post! xo, sharon

    1. Thank you, I love the polka dots! I totally agree with what you and your boyfriend do. We probably have 20+ bags in our boot for when we go food shopping. xx

  2. I always try to remember to bring reusable bags with me when I go grocery shopping at Target. Although they do not charge for bags yet, they give you five cents off of your purchase for each reusable bag that you bring! I love these Simple Jumo bags that you posted here! 🙂

    1. Oh I didn’t realise it’s five cents off every bag! I thought it was just five cents for using your own bags. That’s nice to know, thank you for sharing that. We often leave the bags in the car and have to pack when we open the boot! So pleased you like the bags too 🙂 xx

        1. I had a sneaky feeling Whole Foods did and so when I went to get some milk this morning I checked and they give you 10 cents off! I also did a quick google and it seems to be quite a common thing 🙂

  3. This looks perfect for books! 😀 I like that the side of the bag that touches your clothes is made of a softer material. I’ve had problems in the past with jute material causing snags in my more fragile lacy shirts, so the cloth back is awesome!

    1. It is, I had a couple of A4 books in there the other day and thought the same thing! Great minds think alike and I noted the cotton material being the one that rubs against your clothing. It’s so frustrating when friction rubs dye on your lovely clothes or creates pills. I’m not sure if your interested, I’m actually doing a giveaway with Simple Jumo where you can win one of these bags on Instagram. The competition is running until the 7th 🙂

  4. Wow, I just love your pics, simply stunning.. And the bags are adorable..! I bought bags like them when i went to Vietname and the Philippines.. Well knitted bags in pina fiber..! But not as cute as those JUMO bags..

    1. Hello fellow newbie! I haven’t met that many other people new to LA so it’s great to “meet” you on here. The reusable bag thing can be a pain sometimes but it really does make me think more about wasting disposable bags.