I have a confession to make. I Love Skincare! Emme Diane – Brand Spotlight

Skincare Confession

Skincare is important to me. I have adult acne and I’ve tried many different regimens, both “natural” and dermatologist-recommended. I used to get regular facials, microdermabrasion, and transdermal mesotherapy but they were expensive and not particularly effective.

I also geek out on the chemistry and biology of the skin. Eating affects it. The sun effects it. Pollution affects it. Stress affects. One pump of a plant-infused whatever can take it to Defcon 1.

For the last few months, I’ve been using Emme Diane skincare.  Emme Diane’s products are cruelty-free, made in California and can be used for various skin issues such as dryness, acne or milia.  I’m really pleased with the results using this range and wanted to share my experience with you.

If you find skincare interesting as well, this post gives you a window into my experience and the (admittedly complex) regimen designed for me.

Who is Emme Diane

Emme is a licensed esthetician based in Arizona.  She provides skin coaching programs, skin care treatments at her salon and has her own line of products.  Emme creates a personalised skin care regime for each client by learning about their skin, lifestyle, and diet.

My Experience with Emme Diane

At first, I was overwhelmed by the skincare guide Emme gave me.  I’ve always tried to take care of my skin, but the idea of implementing a strict regime was daunting.  It took a while for my skin to show any improvement as I had trouble finding my “sweet spot” as Emme calls it.

My Personal Regime

I was given specific instructions as to how and when to use my products.  I had a morning routine and two different nighttime routines that I alternated between.  After two weeks of this, I changed the way I used the products slightly.  Everyone’s routine is different but in case you’re wondering, I’ve detailed my routine for the first week below:

All of the Emme Diane products I used

Products used:

  1. Calm Down Toner
  2. Skin Quencher
  3. Acne Eraser 5%
  4. Clarifying Serum SS
  5. Gentle Cleanser
  6. HydraLuxe Cream
  7. Tinted Mineral SPF 40 and/or the Illuminating SPF 58 (I mix a pump of each together)
  8. Sulfur Refining Mask

Morning Routine:

  1. Cleanse skin with Gentle Cleanser and lukewarm water
  2. Roll an ice cube on inflamed areas and pat dry
  3. Use 12 sprays of Calm Down Toner and wipe face
  4. Apply two pumps of Skin Quencher
  5. Apply two pumps of HydraLuxe Cream
  6. Apply two pumps of sunscreen (I like to mix one pump of Tinted Mineral SPF 40 with the Illuminating SPF 58
Morning products

Evening Routine

Cleanse, tone and ice as per morning routine and then alternate between Night 1 and Night 2’s steps.

Night 1

  1. Apply two pumps of Skin Quencher
  2. Apply one pump of Clarifying Serum
  3. Apply two pumps of HydraLuxe Cream
Night 1 products

Night 2

  1. Apply two pumps of Skin Quencher
  2. Apply two to three pumps of Acne Eraser
Night 2 products

Overall Impression

Emme is always on hand to offer advice and as one of her clients who couldn’t visit her salon in Arizona, I would send her pictures of my skin’s progress every couple of weeks.  My skin had trouble getting used to the Acne Eraser.  During one of my “check-ins,” Emme tweaked my plan so my skin could acclimatise to the product at a slower pace.

The most important lesson I learned from this regime is to be consistent.  Until now, I’ve never managed to stick to specific skin care routine.  I’d get impatient or bored after not seeing results within a few days and eventually my dedication would fall by the wayside.

Emme’s website has a bunch of skin tips such as foods that can cause acne and she also advises what makeup to use to avoid clogged pores.

Favourite Products

I really like the Gentle Cleanser. It’s a low lather cleanser that removes dirt but doesn’t strip your skin and make it feel dry. I’m also a fan of Sulfur Refining Mask because it cleans out my pores and gets rid of blackheads.  My favourite of Emme’s product is the Illuminating Tinted SPF 40 Sunscreen. It’s water resistant for up to 40 minutes and the tint means I can wear it like a BB cream.  I usually mix one pump of the tinted SPF 40 with one pump of the Illuminating SPF 58 and this gives my skin a nice glow.

I’m really pleased with my experience using Emme Diane.  My milia have` significantly reduced and a strict regime taught me to care for my skin better and I’m now much more conscious about sun damage.   If you’re interested in seeing what Emme would recommend for your skin, she offers free consultations and the code Englishlass10 takes 10% off all products.

Special thanks to Emme Diane for gifting me all of the mentioned products.  As always, all opinions are my own.

*Englishlass10 is valid until April 2019

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  1. Ugh I suffer from adult acne too and it is no fun! I remember breaking out like mad when I was younger like during my high school days and complaining about it all the time to my mom. She assured me that when I became a full-grown adult, my acne would go away! She was wrong unfortunately 🙁 I haven’t really found a good skin care routine to target this specific problem, so I will have to surely check out Emme Diane! It’s my first time hearing of her line. The packaging looks very clean and pretty… and I am a sucker for pretty packaging. Thank you for sharing darling! xo, sharon