Miik Clothing – Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

I know that I highlight a lot of sustainable brands whilst simultaneously encouraging the idea that we should consume less. These ideas combined can come across as contradictory. With this in mind, I’m now trying to make sure that I only feature companies that create quality items that will last a long time.

Introducing Miik

I recently came across Toronto-based clothing brand, Miik. Created by husband and wife duo, Michael and Donna Gaughan, Miik was originally Michael’s idea. Donna thought “he’d lost his mind.” Once Donna had been convinced, Miik really took shape. As they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman! Miik has since released several collections and can be found in 95 stores across Canada.

What do I like about Miik?

1. They manufacture locally. This means they mill, dye and tailor their fabric in Toronto, which supports local businesses and minimizes their carbon footprint.
2. They use sustainably sourced materials such as modal and bamboo. Miik knows that not all fabrics are created equally and ensure the fabrics they use originated from responsibly managed forests and plantations, approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.
3. Their clothing is made to last. Each item is designed in a timeless style to transcend fast fashion trends. A lot of Miik’s tops and dresses are back-to-front reversible, which increases the versatility of each garment. One of my favourite quotes is by Vivienne Westwood: “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.” Miik’s ethos totally fits with this.

The Jojo Drawstring Romper

The piece I’m wearing is the Jojo Drawstring Romper. As soon as I unpacked the romper, I noticed the fabric quality. Over the years, I’ve become a fabric snob and was impressed with the fabric’s thickness and weight. The Jojo is on the heavier end of rompers and it’s technically still Spring in LA (I think we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer), but I always feel the cold.

Bamboo Fabric

This romper was made with rayon, which comes from bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow up to three feet a day. It is also self-propagating, naturally pest-resistant and doesn’t require much water.

Final Thoughts

Miik’s sizing runs from X Small to X Large. The Jojo comes in size Small to X Large and is also made in navy blue. The jumpsuit looks cute with sandals but can also be dressed up with heels and jewllery. It also has pockets, something that makes my inner pocket fiend very happy! I wore mine around Palm Springs in 90 ° heat and was impressed to find the jumpsuit hardly creased despite my sweating. I’m hopeful this piece will last me for many years and will wear well. I’ll update this post after a few months and report back as to how the jumpsuit is faring.

Miik’s Website and Discount Code

Click here to check out Miik’s site and use the code JESSICA20 when you check out for 20% of your purchase.

Special thanks to Miik for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.
Images: Emily Wolf

Outfit Deets

Romper – Size Small, Jojo Drawstring Romper by Miik
Purse – Aqua Reef Wicker, Larone Artisans
Necklace – Second hand, Swap Society
Sunnies – Terrace Pure, Mantra
Sandals – About seven years old


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  1. What a great romper! In this day and age the little black romper is probably the next little black dress!

  2. You look so chic Jessica!
    I couldn’t have agreed more with your title here – “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last”, and that’s what I try to achieve with all the garments I’ve owned (although some had been donated to charity and that’s great too I believe)!

    Looking forward to read more of your ethically fashion conscious posts and I’m going to check out Miik right now!


    1. Aw thank you so much and I’m so pleased you agree with that saying too. If you’re not going to wear something anymore because you’ve changed then it makes sense to donate pieces to charity as then someone else can enjoy it! I hope you liked Miik’s site! xx