Nina B Roze Active Apparel

Browsing through my recent posts, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that this English lass is a “Made in the USA” advocate. While in the UK, I spent much of my career advocating “Made in Britain.”

I am not a turncoat! What I am is a supporter of “buy local” movements and the companies that underpin them.  Buying local supports the local economy, builds communities, helps the environment and ensures fair labor practices.

I’m using this post to highlight one such local company that I’ve recently become a brand ambassador for.

Introducing my favourite workout gear –  Nina B Roze Active Apparel:

Jessica-75 (2)There are five reasons why I’m a Nina B Roze fan:

  1. Every garment is made in the USA
  2. Even better, each garment is designed and then manufactured by local artisans in the City of Angels
  3. Nina’s signature design is a “heart butt” legging and I love how cheeky that is
  4. While wearing Nina B Roze, even in my gym gear, I still feel stylish while going about my daily business
  5. Each delivery comes in a GOLD jiffy bag. Need I say more?

About Nina B Roze

Nina started her business in 2011 out of her mum’s garage. The inspiration for Nina’s designs comes from the Victorian era and are infused with femininity and elegance.  Her aim is to inspire women to live healthy and active lifestyles through her designs.  Her tagline “Sport your pretty” makes me smile. Why shouldn’t woman feel pretty when working out? Because I’m perspiring like a stevedore? Still feel pretty.

On the subject of working out, I’ve embraced the LA exercise lifestyle and that’s what led to me to discover Nina B Roze.  These days I exercise 4-5 times a week and, over the last few months, have been taking my Nina B Roze gear through its paces.  My activities range from hiking and spinning to pilates and yoga.

So how does Nina B Roze Active Apparel hold up to being tested?

The Leggings

The leggings, or pants as they call them here *insert cry laughing emoji* (note – what English folk call pants are the same garment Americans call “panties” or “undies” which is why this word makes me laugh) is very comfortable.  The fabric is thick, breathable, and stretches well.  The leggings have a slimming and contouring fit which keeps my food baby in when I’ve gorged at The Cheesecake Factory the night before.  The two hidden pockets on the 2Tone Hidden Pocket Capri are a nice touch.

The Sports Bra

Same great fabric, supportive enough for running or spinning and excellent for pilates or yoga.  I’m a fan of back detailing on clothes and love the four spaghetti straps tied in with the mesh layer.


Chic, excellent quality gear that I recommend.  The fabric for both types of garments has worn very well.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve washed them and haven’t noticed any colour fading.  There is a catch – the apparel isn’t cheap. At $73 a pop for one sports bra, it hurts my purse strings.  On the other hand, if you look at each garment as a versatile and ethical investment, the price makes sense.

Curious about Nina B Rose Active apparel?  You can check out her beautiful designs here.  If you find yourself eyeing up a cheeky number, you can use the code jessica10 for 20% off your order.

Who makes your favourite workout gear?  Do you know of any other companies that make in LA that I should look into?

xoxo Jessica

Outfit details:

Tuxedo Double Mesh Capri – Painted Art

2Tone Sports Bra – Black

2Tone Sports Bra – Painted Art

2Tone Hidden Pocket Yoga Capri – Painted Art

Photography:  Frances Von Wong

Planking away outside, like you do.
Planking away outside, like you do.
"Stretch it out, stretch it out!" To the tune of "Shake it off" - Taylor Swift.
“Stretch it out, stretch it out!” To the tune of “Shake it off” – Taylor Swift.
Wonky tree pose.
Wonky tree pose.
Not so active after all...
Not so active after all…

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  1. I have been crushing so hard on Nina B Roze Active’s clothing. Everything I’ve seen of it has been so chic and fun, I’m happy to hear it is high quality as well. I’ll definitely be checking out their site!

    1. Oh yay! I used to wear my oldest clothes to the gym and felt so scruffy! I’m loving finding all these new brands that I’d never heard of in the UK. I’m sure you know of some good ones.

    1. Ahaha! Thank you so much, Sharon 🙂 There’s a new design coming out soon and I can’t wait! Yes, totally trying to get ready for summer beach days. The water should be warm enough for us to go in soon I think 🙂 xxx

    1. AW! Thank you so much! This is my first time posting that many pictures of me on here. I’m so pleased you agree about supporting local and small businesses. Together we can find them all 🙂 xx

  2. Just love this! I just started buying workout clothes this year. Now I want to check this brand out. You look great in those ??? colors!

    1. That unicorn emoji is perfect! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this Hovie. I think you will be a fan, a fellow Made in LA company like you! xx

  3. Yes to buying local!!! Wherever local may be 😉
    Great post, great thoughts, and of course, great pics. You are ROCKING that activewear. Activewear is so my weakness. I love working out and probably would not love it as much if I didn’t have cute clothes to do it in, ya feel me. Lol, keep kickin’ butt, babe!

    1. True, there has definitely been some disagreement defining the distance when it comes to the “buy local” term. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this love! I’d say 50% of my motivation probably comes from cute clothes… Haha. Here’s to kickin’ butt together!