Nine Ethical Christmas Gifts for Her


I’ve curated a list of sustainable gifts for “her” along with a few discount codes. The ideas listed below are pieces that I personally love or ones that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Items range in price from around $10 to $250.

Large Silver Hoop Earrings – Stockholm Rose Designs – $54
Stockholm Rose Designs are based on the natural world and each piece of jewellery is handmade with eco-friendly materials by fellow English lass, Sophie Butler. These earrings are from Sophie’s current collection and you’ll find celestial shapes, falling leaves, and branches in gold and silver. I really like the effect of the hammered silver – the facets glitter and catch the light with movement

Dimensions & Material:
• Made from recycled silver, which is melted down to create Argentium silver, a purer alloy than sterling
• Earrings measure approx. 12 x 12 cm

Discount Code: Use the code ENGLISHLASS15 for 15% off anything on Stockholm Rose Designs

Solid Perfume – Amygdala – $13
I’m a big fan of Amygdala’s solid perfumes. These fragrances are single note scents that can be worn separately or blended. Similar to when you apply lip balm, you rub the perfume onto your skin. I love that the containers are a travel-friendly size and it’s fun mixing your own scents. I recommend blending Jasmine and Bergamot for an earl grey tea combination.

Features & Dimensions:
• Vegetarian
• 3.5 cm across and 1.5 cm deep (lip balm pot size)
• Made in England

Handblown Stemless Wine Glasses – GlobeIn – $15 each
We bought my sister-in-law a pair of these pretty glasses and she loves them! She has two-year-old twins and using stemless wine glasses mean she can enjoy a tipple in something elegant that is less likely to get knocked over.
These glasses were handblown in Mexico and are sold by GlobeIn, a company that hand selects artisanal goods from around the world. Other items include upcycled rice sacks living second lives as reversible picnic blankets and sisal vases that were handmade in Rwanda.

• Hand-blown glass
• Because this is a handmade item, size and weight may vary

Discount Code: Use the code ENGLISHLASS for 10% off anything in the shop (not subscriptions). (Valid till 12/14/17)

Dinosaur with Pineapple Cushion Cover – Kitsch Attic – $16
Kitsch Attic’s “Dinosaur with a Pineapple” collection makes me so happy. These cushions are handmade in Cornwall by Louise, the owner of Kitsch Attic. All of Louise’s cushions are printed with Epson Claria inks and each cushion is made to order, so you can personalise them.
Within the “Dinosaur with a Pineapple collection,” you’ll also find the design on lampshades, tote bags, Christmas stocking, etc. For Christmas, my little sister has promised to get me the pencil case…

Dimensions & Material:
• White canvas 8oz Cushion Cover
• Cushion cover measures approx. 45 cm x 45 cm (Inner cushion not included)
• Made in England

La Fortuna Hummingbird Feeder – The Ultimate Green Store – $47
Since moving to LA, my husband and I have acquired a trio of hummingbirds. It took over a month to attract our first visitor and he’s since invited his friends. The feeder we received last Christmas has brought us so much joy. Anyone who likes animals will be charmed by these visitors.
The La Fortuna Hummingbird Feeders are handmade from recycled glass and sold at The Ultimate Green Store, one of my go-to stores for environmentally products.

Features & Dimensions:
• Feeders include a hanging hook
• 13″ H x 3″ D

Vida Lupita Clutch – Manos Zapotecas – $39
Manos Zapotecas connects Zapotec artisans from Mexico to socially conscious customers. The founder, Shelley Tennyson, spent time volunteering in a Zapotec village and felt moved to help preserve the region’s artisanal tradition and skills.
Artisans Maria Luisa & Jose Luis designed the Vida Lupita Clutch I’m sporting. I love the minty green hue of the purse and the bold colour combination. The Vida is the perfect size for a lass’s essentials.

Dimensions & Material:
• 6″ x 11″ x 3″
• 100% wool
• Hand-dyed and handwoven

Cactus Friends Pullover – Ultra Tee – $270
This cacti jumper is adorable and perfect for crazy plant ladies like me! All of Ultra Tee’s clothing is sustainably produced in small quantities and their website provides a comprehensive breakdown detailing how they maintain their ethical standards. They have various other cute designs and I may also have my eye on an embroidered pineapple sweatshirt of theirs…

Dimensions & Material:
• 100% cashmere
• Slightly fitted
• Available in sizes S to L

Biodegradable Glitter – Universal Soul – $10
Until recently, I’d never stopped to think about how glitter is made. Most glitter is made of PET plastic (or glass). Universal Souls glitter is made from a cellulose film sourced from sustainably forested eucalyptus trees. It’s hard for eco-conscious gals to justify wearing regular glitter. These little jars contain guilt-free glam.

Features & Dimensions:
• Hand-blended in Los Angeles
• Cosmetic grade and vegan

Use the code ENGLISHLASS15 for 15% off your entire order. (Minimum purchase $20, one use per customer)

3D Knit Pumps – Rothys – $145
I’m going to try and not sound like an advert now but I’m a BIG fan of Rothys shoes. A friend of mine sent me the Rothy construction video last year and I’ve been after a pair since. Rothys are 3D knit with recycled water bottle fibers and they’re my comfiest pair of vegan shoes to date. They’re light, and, due to their 3D knit construction, they don’t have any seams, so there was no “wearing in” time. I wear mine to class most days and they smarten my scruffy jeans and t-shirts but wear like a pair of trainers.

Features & Dimensions:
• Vegan
• Machine Washable (I was scared to wash mine but finally tried and my pink pair look as good as new)

Discount Code: Click here to get a code for $20 off your purchase. (Disclaimer – This is an affiliate link.)

Special thanks to Stockholm Rose Designs, Manos Zapotecas and Globe In for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Most images were taken by myself and some I’ve borrowed from the brands’ site.

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    1. Same! I used to carry around a 250 ml perfume bottle with me! Solid perfume is so much lighter. When/if our hummingbird needs replacing I want to get one of those 🙂

  1. However much I loved the cactus pullover, you had me at the Stockholm earrings for obvious reasons. I don’t know why your fellow English lass has named them Stockholm, but anything named after my city gets my vote for sure. 🙂 I love the idea of having an ethical Christmas gift guide!
    Thomas xx

    1. Hi Thomas!

      I’m Sophie from Stockholm Rose Designs. Thank you for the vote! ? I moved to Stockholm from England 2 years ago and I was always called an English Rose, which is where the name comes from!

      Thank you for the kind words Jess! ❤️

      Sophie x

  2. Hello dear. I love this list you have made. This list is filled with great selections and I will for sure save this link and look at this list as I finish up my Christmas shopping this year! That pillow is beyond cute!
    Thanks for a great list!

  3. Wow ! I am completely impressed and stunned at the variety of beautiful presents here and it’s so wonderful that they are all ethical. I really would love to gift someone those earrings and also the knit shoes and cactus top !

  4. Oh my gosh that shoe! My friend is obsessed with ethical fashion so this is PERFECT. Thank you for the suggestions – I need those earrings for myself 😉

  5. Oh wow what an amazing list! My favourites are the stemless wine glasses (I think stemless glasses are so different and I love the design on these ones) and the pineapple dinosaur cushion – it’s very eclectic! Love!

  6. Such a unique selection of ethical gifts for her! I love especially the knit pumps, and the solid perfume looks delightful! Love, Valeria

  7. Hey, really nice ideas! I am glad I have all my gifts together by now 🙂
    By the way, there is a fair fashion giveaway on my blog right now. A really pretty sweater that I think you might like too 😉
    Also, I wish you a most beautiful Christmas time and a wonderful time with your family!
    Much love

  8. Happy festival season Jessica.
    I enjoy your gift selections here and I especially like La Fortuna Hummingbird Feeder and the Vida Lupita Clutch – they are both so colourful! X