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I haven’t set foot in a retail store in months and I miss curated shelves and feeling fabric between my fingers. Like the rest of us, I do most of my shopping online. With the pandemic, I think it’s become much more normal to shop online, especially for those of us who weren’t really doing it before. To be fair, it is much more convenient, and I can get some great discounts using coupons such as this Sam’s Club coupon from I can shop from the comfort of my own bed or sofa and have everything delivered to my door, all without having to leave the house. Plus, I’ve managed to save mountains of cash! But I do miss the experience of going into a shop, smelling the smells, feeling the textures, admiring the seasonal displays…

Today, I wanted to share a store I discovered called Fair Tribe that feels like walking into a store in Los Feliz or Shoreditch.

Fair Tribe features fair trade certified home decor, gifts, and jewelry. Every item Fair Tribe carries, has been carefully selected from artisans around the world, such as Bebemoss which employs a group of stay at home mothers on the outskirts of Istanbul to knit beautiful soft toys like this fox:

Who’s behind Fair Tribe?

Fair Tribe was created by Tina Bar-on, a fellow Californian who’s passionate about conscious consumerism and ensuring artisans are paid fair wages. She decided that with every order placed, the customer will choose which non-profit Fair Tribe will give 1% of their order to. You can choose between Kiva, Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Wildlife Alliance, Doctors Without Borders, Azubuike African American Council for The Arts, or The Trevor Project.

My Five Favourites

I’ve selected my five favorite pieces by Fair Tribe. A lot of items are made with either recycled or sustainable materials.

1. Acacia Wood Heart Bowl

This wooden bowl would be perfect for Valentine’s Day and it’s food-safe so you could serve your Valentine’s dinner in it! It was hand-carved from sustainably harvested acacia wood in a family-run workshop, just outside of Manila (where my mom was born).

2. Large Handmade Fox

You’ve already seen this fox but I’m a fan and so he gets to be part of my top five. This baby was hand knitted from organic cotton yarn and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill. He’s so big he can double up as a decorative pillow.

3. Double Diamond Shapes with Stone Stud Earrings

I chose these diamond-shaped earrings because I love their shape. They were made by The Starfish Project, which I’ve been an admirer of for several years. The Starfish Project has a program that cares for women in Asia escaping human trafficking and helps them establish independence as part of a training and employment program.

4. Resting Spoon from Acacia Wood

I know I’ve already included one wooden item but the idea of having a spoon that rests on the edge of your pan sounds handy and it makes my Filipina side happy to share another piece made in the Philippines.

5. Hand Painted Candles

These candles were hand-painted in South Africa. They’ll look beautiful displayed and i’m intrigued as to what the wax will look when melted.


The Dreamer Earring

You may recognize the name Aid With Trade from a blog post in the past. Fair Tribe even has earrings in the color I still wear.

Thanks and Discount Code

I’d like to say thank you to Fair Tribe for sponsoring this post. If something catches your eye, the code: ECO20 will get you 20% off. As always, all opinions are my own.

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