PSA – “Climate Warriors” screening in Santa Monica 12/12/18

Angelino’s, next Wednesday, a film screening for “Climate Warriors” will be taking place at the Aero theater in Santa Monica.  This documentary focuses on the “energy transition” (structural change in energy systems toward the transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based fuel to zero-carbon), activists, and how the energy revolution is possible!

This semester, I’ve been taking an Environmental Biology class.  I would often leave class feeling overwhelmed after talking about things like palm oil deforestation and climate change.  This film looks like an interesting and inspiring piece. I’m hopeful it’ll provide some next steps and that I won’t feel so powerless after watching it.

I received a lot of positive feedback on Instagram after sharing that this screening is taking place. This post isn’t a blog post per se, but I wanted to share this information on here also.

Information About the Film and Event

Directed by: Carl-A. Fecher

When: Wednesday, December 12th – 7 pm*

Where: Aero Theatre 1328 Montana Ave. Santa Monica 90403

After the screening, the will be a discussion panel and prize drawing.

Free Tickets!

PSA #2 – If you’re a Santa Monica resident or a student, you have ~24 hours to claim a free ticket! (Tickets are normally $12.)

Click here for tickets.

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