Zero Waste Skincare: Au Natural Skinfood

Fun fact: scientists recently found microplastics in human poop. The plastic originated from consumed fish, which had eaten broken down plastic in the sea. Plastic pollution is an issue that I’ve been reading about lately. Something that was once considered a “wonder material” is now a modern waste problem. I’ve become conscious of the number of potions, tonics and bottles in my bathroom and today, I wanted to share a zero waste skincare line with you: Au Natural Skinfood.

Au Natural Skinfood is a subscription service that delivers skincare products in refillable containers, which reduce plastic waste. They have four core products: a daily-use cleanser, toner, day serum and night cream. All of their ingredients are cruelty-free, pregnancy safe, vegetarian and ethically sourced from New Zealand. Now all skincare routines have to work for your skin. They also have to suit your surroundings – living in a cold area, keeping skin moisturized, and stopping it from becoming flaky is a must. On the other hand, living in a hotter area, suncream and after suncare is necessary because the sun’s rays can be damaging to the skin. Fortunately, more people are looking for details on how to keep their skin healthy and nutritious, and today we are going to be elaborating on that.

The four core products (full-size).

What’s in Skinfood?

I’m no expert in cosmetic chemistry, and it can be hard to figure out what makes something “toxic” or “clean,” but here are a couple of ways I check my products. The first thing I look at is the ingredients. If I can’t pronounce half of the words, that’s not a good sign. I then check if the item has been rated on “Think Dirty” (an App that rates beauty products on how “clean” they are.) The ingredients for Au Naturals night cream reads like a baking recipe; active manuka honey, bee venom powder, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil.

What makes Au Natural Skinfood Zero Waste?

Au Natural’s products come in reusable aluminium containers which are then packaged and shipped in recyclable or compostable materials. With this in mind, you may be wondering if waste is generated when it’s time to refill. Refills are similarly sent in plant-based packaging and are recyclable.

What are the Products like?

The line is suitable for all skin types. I particularly like their day serum and night cream. They’re quite thick and you only need a small amount. My husband is allergic to overly scented things. He actually doubles up as another “check” when I’m trying a new product! Sometimes when I try something new and he goes to give me a hug, he’ll start sneezing like a banshee! I’m happy to share that Au Natural get his approval.

Au Natural also have a few other handy products

  • Brush-on mineral powder with sunscreen (available in 3 shades) – (this is made of plastic but is refillable). I carry this around in my purse most days and brush it on before I go outside.
  • 14-day travel kit of the 4 daily essential products (cleanser, toner, day cream and night cream). These are really handy and I’m a sucker for mini sized things!
  • Multi-functional manuka lip balm


Mineral Powder Foundation Sunscreen
The four core products (travel size).

How do you Sign Up?

Customers subscribe to the service online which costs $59.95 per month (you can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time). Every eight weeks, a set of refills are automatically delivered to you. If you’re interested, Au Natural offer a 14-day trial and to you can sign up here: Get your Au Natural Skinfood Samples.

Discount Code

Use the code Jess15 for 15% off your first two months’ subscription (this is not valid for the annual subscription but the discount does apply after the free trial.)

Special thanks to Au Natural Skinfood for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Yay for refillable containers! The other day I brought reusable pots on my grocery shop to reduce single-use plastic waste! Progress is all that matters <3